A Critical analysis of Arthur Jeffrey’s work on the Qur’an


Muhammad Sajjad Malik

 Sonia batoo

Muhammad Asim ul Hassan

In this article, the analysis of Arthur Jeffrey’s work on the Qur’an in the context of Qitabul Msahif of ibne Abi Dawood has been discussed briefly. According to Arthur Jeffrey, the Qur’an did not exist in written form in the time of the Messenger of God, and he based his position on a false narration that contradicts the authentic narrations. He also says that according to the research of the Orientalists, the Messenger of God knew how to read and write and this is also proved by the Qur’an. Arthur Jeffrey writes that in the light of Western research, it is clear that he was compiling a book (ie the Qur’an) for Muslims in the latter part of his life. By this he wants to prove that the Qur’an is in fact the personal work of the Messenger of God. These are all judged logically that these views are just the bias of the Orientalist about the Quran and Islam instead to access the reality.

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