An overview of Epidemic Diseases (Dengue and covid-19) in the light of Islamic literature


Horia Akhtar[[1]]

Khunsa Saleh[[2]]

[[1]] M.Phil Scholar, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur,

[[2]] M.Phil Scholar, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur,

Dengue is mosquito-transmitted contamination and the principal source of arthropod-borne viral malady on the planet. Dengue fever is delivered about through 1 of four exclusive but related infections. it far unfolds through the chomp of mosquitoes, most often the mosquito Aedes Aegypti, that’s located in tropic and subtropics districts. In Pakistan, the late spring begins through March, and mosquito summertime all over. Burden losing of power and horrible tidiness condition are the reasons for foulness and filthy circumstance so those conditions welcome and care of going in the direction of scourge zones. The prophetic prescription and method for treatment with our present approach for remedy bolster us and guide us on how we can create a useful condition for our sound existence. The Islamic instructions are “God cherishes the folks who filter themselves”. Prophet Muhammad (concord arrive) stated, “on the off threat that you hear that is (plague or Dengue) has damaged out or dengue in a land, don’t go to it; yet in the occasion that it breaks out in a land wherein you are to be had, do not exit getting faraway from it. Likewise, he gave us. “So additionally, He gave as an endowment of Dua from our loved prophet” O God, I search for asylum in you from untouchables, craziness, illness, and from horrible deeds. In this way, to hold conditions easy in Pakistan, we are able to end the dengue pandemic infection and contain on with a sound lifestyle.

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