Influence of Hindu Culture on Islamic Society in Sub-continent


(An Analytical Research)

Dr Sajila Kousar [[1]]

 Musarat Shaukat[ [2]]

[[1]] Assistant Professor, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan

[[2]] PhD Scholar, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan,


This article is about the Hindu culture and its effects on Muslims especially the Muslims of the Subcontinent. Culture is firmly connected with life. It isn’t only a pinch of shading. It is the thing that makes us human. Without culture, there would be no people. Culture is comprised of customs, convictions, lifestyles, from the most profound to the general material. It gives us meaning, a method for driving our lives. People are makers of culture what’s more, simultaneously; culture is the thing that makes us human. The three unceasing and general estimations of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness are firmly connected with culture. It is a culture that carries us closer to truth through the way of thinking and religion; it gets excellence our lives through the Arts and makes us tasteful creatures; and it is a culture that makes us moral creatures by carrying us closer to other people and showing us the estimations of adoration, resistance, and harmony. Moreover, this research paper consists of the impacts of Hindu culture and civilization on Islamic society and introduction, research methodology, data analysis, and conclusion.

Keywords: culture, civilization, Hindu, Islamic , Middle East, West

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