Practical affairs of the Sahabiyatin public sponsorship: An overview


Anwar ul Haq, PhD Scholar, The University of Karachi

We look at the private life of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), we see that he shares in the sufferings of the people and their deeds like an ordinary person، When parents (foster parents) came to you, you would stand up for them and meet their needs, Apart from those who were your relatives, you continued to be kind to them throughout your life. You also provided for the needs of your wives in a very good way. You got a fixed share of what you got from the Mal.e.Ghanimat Was for their livelihood throughout the year, Helping the servants with their work, buying bargains from the bazaar and accepting an invitation immediately, no religious barriers would stand in your way of social cooperation and participation in joys and sorrows, the hospitality of the guests themselves. In the matter of truth and justice, all human beings were equal  without any distinction. When the migration from Madina to a new era began with a free Muslim society, he introduced a new style of mutual sponsorship and laid the foundation of the system of collective sponsorship. Which began with Moakhat.

Key words: Public Sponsorship, Welfare, Needy people, Public affairs, Islam

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