The Black Swan 9/11 Attacks, its Background perspectives, and impacts on Humanity


Muhammad Sajjad Malik[1]

 Hina Hafeez[2]

[1] MA Eng, M.ED, Ph.D. Scholar Islamic Studies, Lecturer, The Best College Bahawalpur,, +923006863944,

[2] MA Islamiat & Arabic, MA Special Eductaion, Email:


This search paper is about the impacts of the 9/11 Attacks on humanity because, after 9/11, the whole structure of international policies and the mode of behaviour of the Dominant forces have been revolutionary changed. The whole world bore the cost of this incident especially the Muslim Countries. Many Muslim Estates have been eradicated and their rulers had become the symbol of paying personalities in human history. Many western writers called it as a preplanned incident, and they use the term Black Swan for this incident. However, this incident was dreadful for those who have the wish to create harmony, prosperity, and peace in this universe without any discrimination of creed, color, or sect.

Keywords: 9/11 attacks, black swan, Americans, the West, Muslims

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