The Shariah Statues of Medicine and pharmaceuticals


Syed Muhammad Usman Ghani [[1]]

Hafza Gull Nasheen[2]

[[[1]]]PhD Scholar Department: Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization(ISTAC)International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Email:

[[2]] PhD Scholar, Bahauddin Zakaria University Multan, Email: 03052032230

This article deals withe the medicine and its legal status in the Shariah. The Shari’ah of Islam has always advocated the acquisition of such knowledge through knowledge which is based on evidence and evil. This is what is meant for man to acquire knowledge and art by which the whole of humanity can benefit, protect his health and get rid of all kinds of diseases. Coins And diseases can be cured through treatment.

Key words: Medicine, Shariah, Pharmaceutical process, Pharmacests, Islamic history

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