Al-Mahdi Research Journal (MRJ) ISSN (print): 2789-4142 and ISSN online): 2789-4150  is a double-blind peer-reviewed scholarly journal that is being approved by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan, and published by the Rabbani Trust Kallar Syedan, Rawalpindi. The journal is dedicated to the scholarly study of all aspects of Islam and of the Islamic world. It seeks to publish articles that identify, explore, extend and unify Islamic Knowledge pertaining to Quranic Science, Ḥadith Sciences, Islamic Law, Islamic History, Sufism, Shariah & Law, Social Sciences, Economics, Politics, Islamic Culture and Civilizations, Comparative Religions and other related disciplines.

The journal is committed to the publication of original research on Islam as culture and civilization. It particularly welcomes work of an interdisciplinary nature that brings together history, religion, politics, culture, and law. The Journal has a special focus on contemporary Islamic Thought. MRJ  welcomes all the research papers having strong potential significance to Islam and Social Sciences.