Jewish Theology about the other Nations


( An Analytical Study)

Muhammad Sajjad Malik[1]

[1] MA Eng, M.ED,  PhD Scholar Islamic Studies, Lecturer, The Best College Bahawalpur,, +923006863944,

Judaism is the heavenly religion that relies heavily on the Torah, the Talmud, and the fatwas or rulings of scholars, muftis, and Jewish judges. Although it is a heavenly religion, it has gone through so many historical ups and downs due to the ups and downs of the secularism of the Jews that the distortions have become so thick that it has become difficult to identify the real religion. However, it is almost impossible to understand the Jewish religion without an in-depth study of Jewish history and Jewish relations with other nations, regardless of the form of Judaism that exists today. What the Jews have done over the last century in the United States to gain control over the resources and resources of this developed and large country and to hold the real reins of power in their hands, and now the American political and economic system and media The place they have in the system is not hidden from anyone.

Key words: Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Talmudm Culture, Beliefs

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